Kind Of Diseases That Attack Arowana Very Often

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gill curling arwana, arowana, insang lipat kelisa

When Gill curling had occured , the covering of the fish's gills will curl back due to excessive amounts of nitrates and ammonia in the water PH . Another facter might be the size of the tank been too small . ( Lack of swimming spaces ) To prevent Gill Curling - Firstly , check the water PH and add a little aquarium salt if needed . Secondly , change the tank to a larger size to ensure sufficient swimming spaces . If Gill Curling had occured , then you will need to do a small surgery . Firstly , asthenia the Arowana with medicine ( get it from pet shop ) , then place the Arowana on a wet cloth carefully . Secondly , use a small scissors ( heat the scissors if needed ) to cut the covering of the gill slowly . Lastly , placed the Arowana back into the water and let it rest . May take 2 - 3 weeks to recover .

drop down eye arwana, arwana eye drop, bulging eye

Bulging eye prevents the Arowana from looking up since the upper part of the eyeball protrudes . It is caused by feeding the Arowana too much fatty food such as beefheart or prawns and even its own reflection at the bottom of the tank . There are a few possible causes for this symptom and if it worsen , the Arowana might become blind ( Eyes rot or drop off ^_^: ) . Sometimes , bulging eyes might occured only one side of the eyes but the Arowana is still able to swim and eat . Since there is no cure for bulging eyes , prevention is better than cure .

Headrot is normally caused by using active carbon filter . Headrot will start off by a patch of white spot on the head .
As time pass by , the white spot will started to rot and produced dents on the Arowana's head . Only known cure is to add some aquarium salt until the Arowana recovers . Allow 2 - 3 weeks for the Arowana to recover .

spinal arowana, arwana, spinal curvature
This is most commonly seen in Silver and Black Arowanas. The causes are most often malnutrition when the fish is young and injury, but since the problem usually starts when the specimen is young, they need to be carefully checked for it before a purchase is made. As was mentioned earlier, the two Australian species are not as flexible as other arowanas and have to be kept in a relatively larger tank, or they may develop this condition. Once it develops, it is difficult to treat and a full recovery is virtually impossible. But if a decent environment is provided, this will rarely lead to the fish's death.

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