Arowana Feed, crickets, shrimp,lizard,fish,centipedes

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Arowana is a type of fish, including predators. So do not be surprised if the arowana fish may also eat other fish bleak comets, goldfish and other small fish which were smaller from it and have elongated bodies, soft and not prickly. Arowana also eat crickets, freshwater shrimp, frogs, centipedes, lizards, grasshoppers, caterpillars and lizard.

Feed crickets & locusts

If you feed crickets, keep the legs are spiny and sharp cut first. Point in order not to injure the mouth and / abdominal organs. Similarly if the gave grasshoppers.

Freshwater prawn & shrimp feed market

Fresh shrimp, too. Discard first part of his head. You can replace fresh shrimp with shrimp market. Discard sharp parts such as head and skin to the tail. Cut the shrimp market into several parts, if there is residual, it can be inserted back into the fridge / freezer. Shrimp is very good for the growth of color. But also a lot of bacteria if the rot. So, if not eaten by arowana should be quickly removed from the aquarium. For the shrimp market, do not be left to melt and how many outside of the fridge too long.

Feed the frog, lizard

Feeding frog, lizard and lizards are not troublesome. Simply choose the frog / lizard / lizard-sized in accordance with mouth opening arowana arowana to avoid choking. Gift was not too much. Frog for example, give sparingly. For example, for a length of 20 cm arowana enough given the size of 2 cm frog as much as 1 whole and given 2 times a day. Because frogs are considered to have a dangerous slime & art.

Giving arowana feeding lizard that too many believe could make the color of arowana becoming pale.

Feeding caterpillars

There are 3 types of caterpillars are usually given to arowana, namely: hongkong caterpillar, caterpillar caterpillar bamboo & german or often called super worm because the size is 5x larger than the size of a caterpillar or worm hongkong adult bamboo. German caterpillar has a color and shape are very similar to the caterpillar hongkong, that is orange brown and elongated with a round head & tail. Unlike bamboo caterpillars. Bamboo caterpillars are white with reddish brown head.

Giving the caterpillar was not too much, because the worm is believed to cause the body temperature arowana gets hot, even though the caterpillar was very good to strengthen the body arowana.

Centipedes feed

Centipedes are believed to increase the brightness of the color of arowana. But very rarely used by the hobbies because in addition difficult to obtain, the price is pretty high if you buy at the feed store fish / bird. If caught centipedes and will be given to the arowana, try to cut the claws in advance for very venomous sting as arowana not chew. But if you buy at the store centipedes feed fish / bird, usually claw centipede has been cut by the merchants. To further ensure longer, should be asked again on the merchant money selling these centipedes.

Feeding fish

If you give a feed arowana fish, make sure the fish are not hurt, either internal pain want any external form of fungus, etc.. Before the fish should also be given first made unconscious by slamming fish on the table / floor. Indeed memorable sadistic, but if there will be no chase pursue that could cause crashing, crashing glass arowana that can cause damage to the scales, fins, tails or broken antennae. Again if the arowana danger of crashing into the heater / heater to rupture which can lead to the entry power flow directly into the water or crashing into the walls of the tank so that the glass becomes cracked and broken.

Arowana diet

To arowana young age, size 10-15 cm, give hongkong caterpillars that feed in combination with young crickets typically no more than 1 cm. The food is done 3 times a day, ie morning, noon and night. Do not eat too much, just 3-4 and 1 tail worm tail crickets crickets every meal for digestion is working normally. Arowana small size tend to be more greedy. So if the food provided is not controlled can occur arowana choke / spit out food again / damage to the digestive tract.

To arowana 15-25 cm size, simply by extending the meal portions and replace the combination of a caterpillar menu german / bamboo worms and crickets. Occasionally can be interspersed with frogs, toads with a note that the maximum size of 2.5 cm.

To arowana size of 25 cm and above, can begin to give a good menu for color development and the formation of the body, such as caterpillars german / bamboo caterpillars, frogs, centipedes, shrimp and crickets.
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