Arapaima Gigas

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Arapaima gigas is the world's largest freshwater fish. adult fish can reach more than 3 feet, weighing up to 200 kg. They include the fish that breathe by taking air directly from the atmosphere (obligate water breather) Fish should appear kepermukan every 50-20 minutes, depending on size. young fish usually appears every 5 minutes while the adult fish appears every 18-20 minutes.

Arapaima is only found in the Amazon river. They are included in the list of endangered species protected by CITES, IUCN and protected by law Guyana.

Arapaima is a source of food for community residents. Until December 2001, their population is estimated to less than 850 individuals in the forest region Iwokara the Rupununi wetlands ecosystem.

Arapaima has a long tongue of more than 15 cm.
in adulthood and has a bone. rough tongue surface and is often used by local people as sandpaper or a miser to smooth the wood surface.

At the time of the water environment of shrinking fish, and oxygen content decreases, arapaima will suck the air directly from the atmosphere. And if the water in the dry environment it will furl sebuh body forming the ball and immerse himself in the hole until the water re-pairs.

Living Conditions:
PH: 6.7 (5.8 - 7.2)
GH: 8 (2-12) (scale german)
Temperature: 24 - 30 'C
Maximum Length: 450 Cm
Feed: Live Feed
Reproduction: egg layer - mouthbrooder
light: light with no sunlight
temperament: not recommended for beginners
swimming zones: upper
set up the aquarium: the aquarium with stones, wood and plants
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