Banjar Red Arowana

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Banjar Red Arowana can be said to represent the variety of Second class  and note the red is not a pure strain red Arowana. Appearance is shown by the color of pale orange fins, tail, orange or yellow, and red colors on the body and cheeks.

At first glance Banjar Red Arowana young sangta similar to pink, so it is not uncommon to outwit the new hobby Arowana. As mentioned above, the young Red Arowana has a rich red color of the fin around the entire surface of the fin, while the Banjar red fin colors tend to be younger or pale orange-red. Scales have a row of red and yellow or green, but it does not shiny appearance as the real Red Arowana. Banjar red is also characterized by
a round head with a mouth that tends to not be too sharp. Other features are: pink gill cover and fins frames have pink or dark colors like rust, which will then be turned into orange or red color as an adult, while the Banjar Red did not have the color display on the gill cover even when the adults though.

If you hesitate to buy Arowana, bring your friends who have experienced or buy keeping Arowana that was accompanied by a certificate and a valid certificate. You can complain one day when not sold in accordance with the Covenant.
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