Choosing baby Arowana

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There are several things to consider in choosing baby arowana good quality, namely;

  1. Proportionate body shape which means the body is not too long when compared with the big head and wide tail and fins.
  2. Bright colors.
  3. Grouse / mustache upright and facing upwards.
  4. The eyes do not go down / drop eye.
  5. Gill cover not fold out / into.
  6. Scales are irregular and intact (not out).
  7. Nungging not swim.
  8. Agency is not bent.
  9. Active swim (swim in the middle & upper).
  10. A good appetite.
  11. Paddle a long and sturdy.
  12. Base of the tail not too long that causes visible the distance between the tail and fins (bottom & top).
  13. Make sure the baby arowana farm comes from a trusted / proven quality products.
  14. Especially for arowana type Super Red & Red Tail Golden is available chip and the appropriate certificate.

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