Chili Red Arowana and Red Blood Arowana

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Chili Red Arowana and Blood  Red coming from the waters of West Kalimantan, namely from the Kapuas river and lake Sentarum. These waters are areas of peat forest creating a primitive environment for these ancient fish. But the condition of minerals, peat water environment (black water), and the number of adequate food reserves has conditioned a good influence on the evolution of good in this fish. Geographical influence also led to the creation of different variations of the morphology of these fish, such as a wider body, the head looks like spoon, more intense red color, and
a more concentrated primary color.

Name Chili Red  and Red Blood is given based on the color display as well as the color of hot pepper, while the blood red color indicates the color appearance of blood. From the physical aspect Chili Red Arowana have a body shape that is wider, while the Blood Red Arowana is longer and more slender. Chili Red Arowana wide body tends to continue until about the base of the tail, while the red blood appear gradually narrowed. Besides Chili Red Arowana has a spoon-shaped head, with a thicker frame sisk. Red Chili is also characterized by a red eye color and width, with Diamond-shaped tail. Because the wide eyes of Red Chillies ni, sometimes as if touching the edge matnaya top of the head and the lower jaw. Meanwhile, blood red eyes whiter and smaller, and has a tail like a fan shape.

Physical morphological features mentioned above already looked at the time of arowana was a kid, so it can be used as initial classification to distinguish between them when he was young. Besides, young chili red arowana has green base color with a thick metallic keilap, while red blood have tended to gloss over weak and similar to young RTG. Blood Red body also looks more rounded than the Red Chili  young.the development of color on the chili Red and blood Red is also different. Red Chili slower growth, and the difference in the achievement of full color can raised in 1-2 years. Although red color different, but the colors are relatively the same stage of development. Usually both are going through transitions orange color. Some events showed this not a little red color that has a pale color remained until up to 8 years, then turned into a full red within a month.

It's not easy to estimate the potential color of arowana, it takes time, patience and effort are not small. However, with experience and patience it will be done.
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