Arowana Fish Price

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Have you ever wonder why Arowana fish prices are so exorbitant?

Arowana pet owners claim that the exorbitant Arowana fish price is worth it considering the majestic beauty and grace that Asian Arowanas possess.

The impressive Golden Arowana is simply breath taking that it leaves its audience in awe.

Golden Arowana Fish

The Red Golden Arowana is simply spectacular by its shade alone, and with its effortless glide, it has been given the distinction of �king of the aquariums.�

Why Are The Arowana Fish So Expensive

Arowana fish price commands a steep amount because of its rarity. When the Asian Arowanas made it to CITES� endangered species list, the prices become inflated due to strict trade and shipping regulations.

Another factor why the Arowana fish prices are so high is it�s very difficult to breed them. Breeders can only produce 30 to 60 fishes since not all of the Arowanas can produce eggs. The natural environment or habitat to produce Arowanas exist only in few Asian countries hence the demand is greater than supply.

Where Does The Arowana Come From?

The rivers of Borneo are the natural habitat of super red arowanas. A lot of arowana farms have sprung up there and all of them agree that breeding super red arowonas outside of its natural habitat is next to impossible.

The Siak River on the other hand is where the Golden Mahato arowana resides and they have similar golden scales to that of a Cross Back Golden Arowana that are being reproduced in arowana fish farms of Malaysia.

The current record holder for the highest price tag belongs to the Platinum Arowana.
Platinum Arowana Fish
Platinum Arowana Fish
The arowana fish price for this beauty is in the range of $80,000 to $365,000 dollars. That price alone can give you a house and a car. This Arowana is virtually white with no other colors present, not even on the dorsal surface. Aro Dynasty, the owners of this rare breed have turned down offers for the Platinum Arowana and they have currently taken the fish off the market.

One of the leading reasons why the Arowana fish price is at these levels is because of the mythical beliefs that are attached to these fish.

The Chinese believed that the Arowana is a fish of prosperity and luck. Besides prosperity and good fortune, the Arowana can also sense incoming misfortune. The Arowanas would rather die themselves so they can absorb the misfortune that would befall on their owners.

Add them all up, rarity, hard to breed, and mythical powers, and it equals to a very high Arowana fish price.
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