Become An Arowana Fish Breeder, You Should Have To Prepare This

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There has been an upsurge in the number of Arowana fish breeders.

With the high demand for Asian Arowanas, it seems to the unwary that it is profitable venture to be an Arowana fish breeder.

Southeast Asian countries have been setting up Arowana farms so they can breed more Arowanas and to answer the call of CITES to propagate the Asian breed since it has placed it under the endangered species list.

With the high demand for Asian Arowanas, being an Arowana fish breeder seems to be a likely choice to be a successful business venture.

The trade for Arowana fish pays handsomely well. Before day dreaming of the huge profits you might make , it is better to get your feet on the ground first and think where would you get your venture capital considering starting an Arowana farm demands a high amount of capital.

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Is The Risk Worth The Effort

You will need a lot of ponds, with a minimum of 20 to 40 adult Asian Arowanas that cost between 5,000 to 10,000 dollars.  When corresponding with other Arowana fish breeders, they are in consensus that the first year, you would be lucky to breakeven since some of the ponds won�t yield any harvest and you need to be patient to wait for it to be productive.
Arowana Breeding
Arowana Pond Breeder
If you happen to manage to acquire some venture capital, then the first thing you should know is that Arowana fish breeders and farmers keep the adult Arowana in large shoals and mud ponds. Arowana fish breeders need to check the male Arowana from time to time if they are brooding eggs or fry.

If you want to be an Arowana fish breeder, you must take great pains in learning how to handle this majestic fish. You must know how to handle the mouth of the male Arowana fish and praise it open to increase the possibility of the fry dropping out. The male Arowana would be sent back to the pond after the fry is collected from its mouth so it can start mating again.

An exceptional Arowana have the special skill to spot a male arowana brooding eggs and fry. You must have the capability to notice if their buccal cavities are quite apart because this means there are 10 to 20 eggs in each clutch dropping out of their mouths.

It would take weeks for the eggs to hatch, upon hatching a 1-centimeter long fry show up on each egg, and after months pass by, the fish would reach a size of 2-3 centimeters. After a few months, the male Arowana would release them and as a responsible Arowana fish breeder, you need take away the offspring and rear the fry in separate tanks.

Then you have to care and nurture them for a year before you can start earning profits from them.
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