Colour temperature

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Colour temperature by the way is not related to temperature radiation of light caused by the lighting device or else .
Colour temperature is the measurement of colour intensity , not power intensity (lumens/candle power degree)

Low colour temp ( exp : 1000K ) is red coloured , high colour temp (exp : 22.000K ) is whitish blue
the more lower the colour temp , more redish the light
the more higher the colour temp , more buish the light

The UV spectrum is place between 12.000K to 16.000K , UV by the meaning is not pure UV lighting device (like the one for UV sterilizer) is very harmful ray to human/ animal eye.

To understand why blue is determined as warmer/ hotter in colour temp then red , try to photograph the Actnic blue TL lamp, you ll see that the picture taken in washout (burned over exposure like you re shot at the sun ) by just seem like a dim blue light
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