How to determine Chili or Blood Red :

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Seems like everybody especially rookie trader of Arowana has misidentified the SuperRed type , especially between Chili and Blood Red
I knew there are many line up of names like Ultra Red , Papaya Red , Panda Red and Metal Red and etc. but lets get back to the roots , the anchestor of real SuperRed Aro variety now,
I . Blood Red ,commonly named GudangGaram Red or MerahDarah Red first in Indonesia back in 1986 , it�s a variety of Super Red which identified as follow :
a. Ussualy bigger than chili Red at same age after more than 6month old
b. Body , broader dan rounded shaped ,especially at the edge . The eye looks
smaller, and bigger head compare to ChiliRed , fan (rounded) shape tail and also
broader too
c. Colour , bloodred always developt colour faster and reach adult colouration earlier
than ChiliRed , the rings will be thickened up to fill the whole core scale (outside
to inside), then reach the full red scale stage , also Bloodred will crossedback the
rings (6th level) earlier than chiliRed , but remember the rings of Bloodred is very
ununiform in shape and thickness , somehow it will look very untidy compare to
uniformed shape rings of ChiliRed

II. Chili Red , commonly named Marlboro Red or Cabe Red at early years in Indonesia
a. Ussually smaller (a bit) than BloodRed
b. Body , slight slimmer (more streamline shaped) , most of the fin looks had narrow edge on the corner , most ChiliRed had longer fin than BloodRed ata average but not always so . Tail is diamond shaped and narrower than BR , its very difficult to determine male or female ChiliRed at premature adult size below 40cm . Also in composition ,Chili Red�s eye will looks larger compare to BR�s eye due to its smaller head shape
c. Colour . ChiliRed always developt colour slower than BR , but it�s a different breed and type of rings model , Chili will looks very uniformed rings and most of them had slight green core / violet green core . Chili looks very tidy and uniformed rings in harmony with its body shape

Becareful there are many crossbreed and mutation of SuperRed variety like for example :
BR&CR crossbreed , BR&BanjarRed crossbreed then the F2 crossed again with SR ,etc
Always looks for well known reputation trader and farm when choosing aro .
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