Parasite Remover in Aquarium

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Making Arwana health and growth well is not too dificult but not easy enough. There are some parameter that should be controlled, i.e.  Water PH , Water Temperature , Clean Water , Free Ich /Fungus/ Protozoans / Dinoflagellates water. and many more..

Here some tools or medicine you shuld have to prevent arwana from disease:

Parasite Remover

In Aquarium, sometimes  arwana getting ill caused by parasite, here some medical treatment product :

Tetra 77346 Parasite Guard, 8-Tablets

  • Clears parasites fast
  • Parasite guard removes external and internal parasites from fish
  • Treats flukes, internal worms, lice, anchor worms, and flagellates such as hexamita or spironucleus associated with hole in the head diseases

  • Seachem ParaGuard 100ml

  • Fresh or saltwater use
  • Parasite control
  • Great in hospital and receiving tanks

  • Prevent Ich Disease Preventative - 16 oz.

    Prevent Ich is an 100% organic fish disease inhibitor and preventive that helps prevent diseases caused by ich, fungus, protozoans and dinoflagellates. It is safe for use in freshwater aquariums, saltwater (including reef and live rock)aquariums, and ornamental ponds. It is non-toxic to all biological filters, fishes, amphibians and turtles.

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