Arowana diet menu

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To arowana young age, size 10-15 cm, give hongkong caterpillars that feed in combination with young crickets typically no more than 1 cm. The food is done 3 times a day, ie morning, noon and night. Do not eat too much, just 3-4 and 1 tail worm tail crickets crickets every meal for digestion is working normally. Arowana small size tend to be more greedy. So if the food provided is not controlled can occur arowana choke / spit out food again / damage to the digestive tract.

To arowana 15-25 cm size, simply by extending the meal portions and replace the combination of a caterpillar menu german / bamboo worms and crickets. Occasionally can be interspersed with frogs, toads with a note that the maximum size of 2.5 cm.

To arowana size of 25 cm and above, can begin to give a good menu for color development and the formation of the body, such as caterpillars german / bamboo caterpillars, frogs, centipedes, shrimp and crickets.

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