Aquarium Thermometer

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Temperature for arwana aquarium should be controled between range of 27-34 degrees cel, but sometimes if the weather is changing and causing the temperature in the water tank down. So Fish can be attacked by various diseases. Therefore it need temperature controller, some product we suggest, are:
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TOM Aquarium Temp Alert Fahrenheit Digital Thermometer
  • Audible and LED alarm.
  • Displays both aquarium water temperature and room temperature.
  • Comes with four alert features.
  • Provides reliable protection to monitor high and low temperatures.
  • Easy to read digital display

 Marina ThermoSensor In-Out Thermometer
  • Provides both inside and outside aquarium temperature readings
  • Accurate, easy-to-read digital display
  • Can be attached anywhere on the aquarium
  • Velcro mount for easy installation; Battery included
  • Contains temperature probe

  Horizontal Aquarium Thermometer

  • Accurate.
  • Easy-to-read.
  • Mounts on the outside of your aquarium.
  • New movable thermometer.
  • All items are brand new, never worn and never used. We guarantee the authenticity of all items.
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