Aquarium arowana

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Size Aquarium / Tank

Standard tank sizes are the recommended for the maintenance of arowana is 150 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm, with a thickness of 10 mm thick glass / 1 cm. Size is for the maintenance of a tail arowana in a tank.
If you want to keep arowana in a number more in one tank, the recommended aquarium size 200 cm x 60 cm x 70 cm, with glass thickness 12 mm. For this size it is recommended to use types of tempered glass / glass that has an oven / heating.

Maintenance of more than one tail arowana in a tank / aquarium is recommended as many as 6 birds / more. This is to avoid fights between arowana that can cause injury and even death.

High table:
Height of table / foot aquarium is made with a minimum height of 100 cm. This is to memperjauh arowana visibility to the floor which can cause the eyes to squint arowana for always seeing the floor.

Background / Background:
Aquarium backgrounds are encouraged to use a picture / sticker / paint. Color according to taste. But most hobbies using a background color according to type of arowana is maintained, for example:
- Super Red = black Background
- Golden Cross Back = Background black
- Red Tail Golden = Background blue / white
- Background Bandjar Red = Blue / White
- Silver = Background black / blue

Filtration System:
Filtration system commonly used is the system; side filter box (filter side), top box filter (filter top), a separate filter from the tank (usually using a canister type engine), sump filter (by way of siphoning from the bottom and use a small aquarium at the Under the filter box).
In maintaining the arowana are suggested to use a sump filter system, because the system is able to suck up dirt in the water. Besides it is also easy to clean.

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