Aquarium Treatment

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Arowana care means basically the same with the care of other fish. The most important thing is to maintain the quality of water in the aquarium. Proverbial fish live in their own toilets, which means not imagine how dirty if not cleaned regularly and filtration systems are inadequate.

Replace the water about 20-25% as routine as much in 1 week 1 time by following these steps;

  1. Before you replace the water, clean the wall first in the tank by using a sponge / cotton net. Usually algae is often stuck to the glass wall.
  2. Turn off the heater / heater first. This is to avoid the heater / heater burst, explode or leak due to heat released while not exposed to water.
  3. After that suck dirt and urinate as much as 20-25%.
  4. Before the new water included, clean the filter box, hose / pipe and the media first. This is so the dirt that settles on the bottom of the box filter & hose / pipe re-entry. Replace the sponge / cotton with the new.
  5. Enter the new water that has been most rapid in endapkan 1 day and has been in aeration (given the bubble).
  6. Provide drugs and fluids needed to neutralize the water follows salt to taste fish (usually only 1 tablespoon)
  7. Close the lid tightly on the tank, because often times arowana jumping up and down due to temperature changes or new water parameters are entered.
  8. Start the engine filters / powerhead and heater / heating.
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