Scleropages Leichardtii & Scleropages jardini

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Scleropages Leichardtii known only found around the Fitzroy River, while Scleropages jardini was found scattered in the bay of Carpentaria to the south island of Irian, Indonesia. Yet no two species are rarely reported in the same place.

Living Conditions:

PH: 6.7 (5.8 - 7.2)
GH: 8 (2-12) (scale German)
Temperature: 24 - 30 'C
Maximum length: 80 cm

feed: live food
Reproduction: Egg Layer-Mouthbrooder
Light: light without the sun
Temperament: not recommended for beginner keepers
Zone Swimming: Top
Set Up Aquarium: aquarium with stone, plants and wood.
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