Aquarium Lamp

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To beautify the aquarium is necessary that adequate light and good for fish growth. For aquariums with a length of 150cm, minimal use 40 watt lamps. For the size of 200cm, at least 2 x 30 watts. Types of lamps can be provided that type of top-submersible lamp and lamp (dye).

this example of aquarium lamp, just click the picture for more detail information:

48" 260w Pl Aquarium Light Reef Marine Fish Tank Hood Light

Coralife 54332 Actinic Straight Pin Compact Fluorescent Lamp, 24-Watt

Purely Products PUVH2305 5-Watt UV-C Germicidal Ultraviolet Replacement Bulb

ADSENSE 336 x 280 dan ADSENSE Link Ads 200 x 90

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