Dragon Fish, AROWANA

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Arowana included in the group of primitive fish. Various fish fossil was discovered in various places and allegedly aged between 10-60 million years (depending on species and location). They have evolved over more than 10 million years. So that this fish is a fish may be regarded as a resilient and live longer. Arowana fish were classified in the family "ancestor" is osteoglasidae or families of fish "Bony-tongue ", because the base of his mouth in the form of bone that serves as a tooth. Arowana have a variety of nicknames such as dragon fish, barramundi, Saratoga, pla tapad, indolent, siluk, heaven, peyang, tangkelese aruwana or arowana depends on the place.

archaeologically, Arowana fish has a shape and appearance beautiful and unique. Body elongate, slender and stream line, while the pool is very graceful movements. Arowana in nature has a silver color varies from green, to red. has two antennae sticking out from under the lip. grouse serves as vibration sensors to determine the position of prey in the water. Akuaris enter the tentacle   in the assessment criteria of beauty fish concerned.

Arowana is a large fish and sometimes aggressive, so not everyone is interested in maintaining Arowana. With great size aquarium will need a size larger than usual size. Potentially, Arowana has a high growth rate. The aquarium Arowana can grow up to about 60 cm, whereas in the wild can reach 90 cm. even on certain types can reach 270 cm (Arowana South American origin)

Arowana is a surface swimmer fish, the shape of his mouth very clearly demonstrates this. In the wild, they usually swim near the surface, and hunt their prey of insects. therefore feeding Arowana is not a difficult thing for we know that they are "surface feeder. " Arowana typically include voters in terms of food, they can receive all types of feed for carnivorous fish, but often they are so very like one kind of feed it and reject other types.

Arowana fish is a jumper, in the wild they can catch insects perched on twigs at a height of 1-2 meters from surface water. Therefore it should be noticed to close the aquarium thightly  if you want to keep it in the aquarium.

Arowana arguably including resistant to various diseases. But they are sensitive to changes in water quality, especially on elevated levels of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.
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