Three causes of aro death: Jump, Water or Wrong Medication

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Often Jumping

There are three main causes most of arowana death . One of them must have the disease, right? No, the disease was not ranked at the top cause of death of the fish bearer of this good fortune. "Very rare cases of death due to disease arowana," Then, what then? Fifty percent of deaths occur due to jumping from the aquarium, Do not ever underestimate jump habits,  this habits is already inherent in nature. Arowana fish which are of an aggressive, so see the food directly to play snapped. Shocked also could be the cause of arowana jump from aquariums.

Danger when to jump out and not get caught. "Arwana can not survive without water," How to prevent it? Because it involves very difficult character to force him to abandon this habit. But setting a good aquarium will prevent exit the aquarium. Closing the aquarium will keep him out of the aquarium, Concluding it can not make arowana stop jumping, but will stop out of the aquarium. Arowana will knock the cover if you jump, Aro was saved from death due to remain in the aquarium. Most of the aro wounded and later can be recovered again. "If you've certainly learned my lesson a few times hit,"

Sediment Water

"Replace the water holding a vital role," You see an error running water is also included the most aro kills . Death usually occurs because of change of water directly from tap. How to avoid it? Endapkan used to water, either piped water or ground water. "Water and oxygen-poor soil typically contain substances such as Fe which could also be a danger,"


The other cause of death dragon fish is the use of drugs indiscriminately. And by replacing water and clean regularly, mold can be resisted. So is the use of drugs or Raising lowering acidity. "The water here is generally pH and other water parameters are in accordance with the needs of Arowana.

Arowana owners usually would panic if aro acting different from the habit. Because fear of his favorite fish was sick and die, as known it's price is expensive. "Because sometimes people simply love panic medication without think about it," instead of helping, giving perfunctory drugs can actually be fatal.

Drug use rather than prohibited. Use of drugs as needed. If it is diseased and can not be cured by natural means, the use of drugs can be applied. "But it must be ensured before any illness," If it is definitely what the disease, new drugs give appropriate. Use the medication dose according to the rules. Never mind the arowana, people that indiscriminate drug use is also going to die.

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